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Fort cleaning Expedition at Madan Fort

15’ Jan 2018, Mumbai: On 13th February 2018, Bhatkanti Mahrashtrachi organization attempted their first try to vanish and clean the scribbled names on the walls of Madan Fort. On 13th and 14th February, Bhatkanti Maharshtrachi organized a Range Trek to Alang Madan Kulang forts, where in during its expedition they realized how badly the Madan Fort walls are scribbled to make it look unpleasant.
With the help of tar brush, water, wet clothe and paint brush, the BM team tried to clean as much part of caves on Madan fort.
It was altogether a beautiful experience to see a sudden transformation of the fort from dirtiest to the clean and tidy one.
The forthmost motive behind this attempt was to preserve our historic importance and spread awareness among the explorers who visit these places!
Though Madan Fort was a baby step towards the next move, it gave a good experience to every trekker of BM.

alang cave cleaning team
alang cave cleaning removing writings
alang cave cleaning work
alang cave cleaning removing writings


PROJECT 1 - Harishchandra Fort Cleaning

Feb’19 2018, Mumbai : Bhatkanti Maharashtrachi, a Mumbai based organization has recently come up with an idea of Social Responsibility project, under which Harishchandra Fort expidion was it’s first ever experimental target. Harishchandra Fort, with its vast historic importance lies in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. Being a productive part of our Nation, we as a citizen should be responsible for preserving our history and its importance. On the other side, there are some anti-social creatures who litter around the forts and scribble unpleasant marks on the walls. Taking this crucial issue into consideration, Bhatkanti Maharashtrachi under project SR, took a step forward to clean Harishchandra Fort, which was one of the most littered forts in Maharashtra.
On 16th February 2018, a group of six trekkers of BM left Mumbai and reached on the top of Harishchandra fort. On 17th and 18th February, with the help of paint removal and tarbrush, these nature lovers vanished all the scribbled names and cleaned six caves of Harishchandra Fort. Eventually six more trekkers who came to explore the fort, also shook their helping hands with BM SR team. Besides this, BM trekkers also gathered the plastic waste and carried it down the fort all over from top to dump it in the correct place. They also put a banner on the fort explaining how plastic is destructive for both environment and cattles who graze it assuming as their food. We being a responsible citizen should take care of our historic and ancient monuments, was the message they conveyed through this entire expedition. Finally, the expedition of cleaning Harishchandra Fort was succesfull in two days by Bhatkanti Mahrashtrachi organization under SR project. Their hard work paid off!

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